FraserJane ‘Enough’

FraserJane’s originally from Limerick and has moved to London to ply her trade and self-produced her demo. FraserJane was literally my next-door neighbour for I-Don’t-Know-How-Long, so was I was excited to hear her stuff when she reached out to me about it.

I gave it a spin. And I wasn’t disappointed.

The presser reads cites comparisons with Imogen Heap and Peter Gabriel and while I do hear them, I’m also hearing some lush Bat For Lashes, Feist and Florence & etc etc. Just as her voice breaks over the beats on the toils of excess, a cascade of strings rise up and give cushion to the ear.

So, yes, I loved the track. Every time I’ve listened to it, I’ve panicked as I reach the end of the track, to go back to repeat.

I can’t wait to see what she gets up to next.

‘Enough’ is due for release on February 19th on iTunes and Spotify!

twitter: @fraserjanemusic
soundcloud: fraserjane on soundcloud.

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Okay, let’s blow the dust of the old gurl & Wished Bone

.. finally got the blog updated, and trying to give giving up this blog MIA-ness..

An election. About a hundred music links. Writing nice personal code library pieces. All this stuff needs a place to live I guess. Let’s start off free and easy. Get back to it nice and regular. AHEM.

But first, an interlude from Wished Bone’s self-released album ‘Pseudo Recordings’, ‘Witty Boys Make Graves’..

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Joxer Goes To Berlin

“It was a grand flight. Grand.”
“Atcha sure, t’was. Grand and calm landing.”
“Very calm. Shure you wouldn’t even know yer were in the sky.”
“Gis a look at your tights.”
“D’ya loike them? There for the veinzz.”
“Yew know Mary wear ’em all de time.”
“Ah shure she stands all day long.”
“She does in her eye.”
“Have you see grandad?”
“Francis, FranCIZZ.. where are ya now?”

* Francis is tottering around the tarmac after hopping down the airline steps. Francis is seventy-odd and wearing his best golf cardigan. *

“Francis get in here. The bus is about to leave without yEWW.”

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Cleoma Falcon ‘Mon Bon Vieux Mari’

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