Joxer Goes To Berlin

“It was a grand flight. Grand.”
“Atcha sure, t’was. Grand and calm landing.”
“Very calm. Shure you wouldn’t even know yer were in the sky.”
“Gis a look at your tights.”
“D’ya loike them? There for the veinzz.”
“Yew know Mary wear ’em all de time.”
“Ah shure she stands all day long.”
“She does in her eye.”
“Have you see grandad?”
“Francis, FranCIZZ.. where are ya now?”

* Francis is tottering around the tarmac after hopping down the airline steps. Francis is seventy-odd and wearing his best golf cardigan. *

“Francis get in here. The bus is about to leave without yEWW.”

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Cleoma Falcon ‘Mon Bon Vieux Mari’

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Links 12/03/15

Burkie is starting a new adventure on Breakfast With Ma.

Beat this shanizzal, Kanye.

Cindy Sherman emoticons. Via It’s Nice That.

Guillemots – Made-up Lovesong #43

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Grimes ‘REALiTi’

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