Away for a Bit

I’m busy over the next couple of days, so blogging will be light. See you soon!

Red Links 30/06/08

Elly has some common-sense tips for people doing demos at CrunchLudd. These tips are sound advice if you’re ever demo-ing. She’s also moving into her high-tech heaven house! While we’re CrunchLudding, I met Brendan of bscene. They’ve a model agency blog. First Irish one I’m aware of. Interested in co-working in Cork? The has […]

So behind on snaps!

Here’s a few from the weekend at home.

Red Linking

Photo owned by dichohecho (cc) I never tire of writing Red Link posts. Even during my recent blogging holiday, I found myself falling across really interesting things and automatically marking them as Red Links. My bookmarking rocketed. Those of us who do link posts do it in different ways. Now and again, I’ve been […]

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