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One of my favourite photoblogs is Mareen Fischinger’s Tumblelog. The best thing about her blog is that it captures the world around her in a fresh, informal way. Her blog records her life in much the same way that a literal blog would. It documents her comings and goings, her friends and home-life. Her naturalistic approach to taking photos of her life seems to me to be a very cool way to photoblog. By the way, just to note, Mareen is a professional photographer that has taken some amazing pictures for international magazines and for product campaigns. 


I suppose this leads to the nub of my post – why aren’t enough photoblogs using this natural way of blogging? I suppose it comes down to elements of style. If you photoblog, do you work to wrangle the subject into your lens or does the natural approach of documenting your life appeal? Do you have any connection to the subject at the end of your lens? And what are you trying to say by taking that photo? Does that matter?


I’ve met a lot of exceptional photobloggers (whom I’d give my eye teeth to have an ounce of their talent) and I’d love to hear their views on the subject. 


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  1. Why aren’t photobloggers “using this natural way of blogging?” Probably because they want to show off their skills with the GIMP or Photoshop. Who, besides close family or friends, want to read about doing the dishes, or visiting personal friends for a cup of tea? Some of her shots are amazing, but then her job is to be a great photographer. I think 99% of photobloggers are amateurs posting to their blogs in their spare time.

    To each his own. I shoot what I see around me, but I also like to present my photos as best I can. I rarely post photos of my family or friends, unless it’s a public gathering like a conference or a photowalk (see my gallery posts on htt://inphotos.org/ yesterday)

    These days I’m so busy I shoot scenes and things I like or interest me. I hardly have time to think about the reasons behind those photos. My workflow revolves around shooting, storing, picking out “good” images, working on them and posting. Wish there were 48 hours in a day…

  2. I’d love to see pictures of tea dates, to be honest and that’s not the stalker part of me speaking. There’s nothing like celebrating domesticity. We all share moments like events and tea dates.

    And yes, she’s a pro – but some of the shots are taken by other people and posted.

    I feel the 48 hours a day wish. Don’t we all.. 🙂

    Perhaps there’s an element of privacy at work here too? In Ireland, we’re a lot more aware of this, I think.

  3. Privacy – definitely. It’s hard work getting nice looking portraits, so I’d want any shot of family and friends to look nice, which takes more time, etc etc.

    I posted a few shots of my son Adam on my blog too but I’ve since stopped after reading about some of the sick people who scour blogs looking for pics of children.

    I do have a personal family blog, but it’s hidden behind a username/password. In fact, the only people who see it are me and my wife, but it’s where we record the small things in life that mean the world to us but nobody else. 🙂

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