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Bruno Taylor ‘Playful Spaces’

There’s a wildchild in each and every one of us. A six year old just scratching to get out. Looking at the video, even the hesistant ones have a scampy spark. A harebrained moment of release where their thinking what if. What if I sat on that swing? Who’d see me? How would I feel? Would it be like I remember?

Play is one the greatest gifts a parent, a teacher and a community can bestow on a child. So many aspects of early-stage development is tied to play. Think of all of the language, music and imagination games that kids spend time on. There no more fertile time in a person’s life for learning than childhood. And it’s certainly no coincidence that these years are stuffed fun of play.

Play is really just a manifestation of curiosity. Aren’t we all just trying to hold on to that? And nuture that instinct in others? I’d love to see more play activities for people of all ages in public spaces around Ireland. I’m not talking grim outdoor concrete monkeybar jungles sandwiched between semi-ds. Places where drunks, errant skateboarders and drugdealers hang out. More like internal and external areas where sound, light and installations are mixed so people can explore environments. Perhaps something like the Science Musuem in London. And before I scare everyone else, I’m not just advocating nerd play areas, there ought to outlets expanding play in every direction. If you could design a play activity for the old and the young, what would it be and why.

Video via Pixelsumo.

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  1. Love the idea of play, and I really like the Science Museum in London. I just did a Five Rhythms dance workshop, and some of that felt like play too. I’m sure we all need to lighten up explore more, and reject the ‘that’s silly’ voices in our heads.

    Thanks for that.

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