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Red Links 24/06/08

Stop finding so many great videos. That is all.

Interesting move by Visa on Facebook. Visa just launched a business network for small businesses on Facebook. It aims to get small businesses with a Facebook presence working together and offers every small business $100 in free Facebook advertising.

Jameson Movies on the Square kicks off next week. Some nice flicks on show. Annie Hall and the Life of Brian are in there.

Analysing Buffy’s hair. Too much time on their hands.

Kinda like WiiFit’s play for fitness, Orange is trialling dance for mobile juice at Glasto. Lardarses beware.

Listening to and liking Panda Riot lately. Nice shoegazing cover of MIA’s Paper Planes on their Myspace.


[...] how will you pay for the ads you run? Alexia and Dave pointed out that Visa will give you a hundred dollars worth of free Facebook Ads if you [...]

Posted by Damien Mulley » Blog Archive » Facebook Ad Competition - Best Irish Facebook Ad Campaign on 3 July 2008 @ 12am

[...] Seems like Alexia was WAY ahead of me finding this. Also, Master Mulley is running a competition for the best stats [...]

Posted by Free $100 Facebook Coupon Courtesy Of Visa on 3 July 2008 @ 5pm

Thanks for sharing the VISA link Alexia ! Now the question will be to see if I can make any money from displaying $100 worth of ads from FaceBook.


Posted by paul - on 4 July 2008 @ 11am

[...] ads A few people have reported this. Red Links 24/06/08 : Alexia Golez Basically it’s a way to get $100 free ads from Facebook by adding an application for the VISA [...]

Posted by facebook ads - Irish SEO, Marketing & Webmaster Discussion on 4 July 2008 @ 11am

@Paul: That’s the real trick, right? :)

Posted by Alexia on 4 July 2008 @ 11am

[...] enough by adding the VISA Business network Application. Thanks to a link from Damiens blog to Alexia’s blog describing how to get 100 Dollars free to advertise in [...]

Posted by Ewrites first ad on facebook, 10 days with 100 dollars | Developing eWrite on 28 July 2008 @ 1pm

[...] Has anyone else advertised on Facebook? If you’re considering it, read Damien Mulleys tutorial on Advertising on Facebook and read Alexia Golez’s post about getting money for free to advertise. [...]

Posted by Facebook ad confusion | Developing eWrite on 6 August 2008 @ 12pm

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