Red Links 30/06/08

Elly has some common-sense tips for people doing demos at CrunchLudd. These tips are sound advice if you’re ever demo-ing. She’s also moving into her high-tech heaven house!

While we’re CrunchLudding, I met Brendan of bscene. They’ve a model agency blog. First Irish one I’m aware of.

Interested in co-working in Cork?

The has gone live with open access to the paper. No more paywall! How about more blogs? Oh, go on IT fairy! Do it!

Any Irish Twitter males want to strip and become part of a virtual calendar in aid of prostate cancer? Anyone? Just an idea. Maybe it could go on

So Facebook isn’t a walled garden? Hacks that enable data portability. Oh, and Google allows exporting of data too.

Love the idea of a magnetic calendar. What happens when someone is up to mischief and messes with it? How about a badge version?

The wonderful Hanne Hukkelberg with ‘A Cheater’s Armoury’

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