Moving house

Right, I’ve had enough of the crappy service I’m getting here at Bluehost. Every single day, this site goes down. The outages are becoming more and more curious. I sent a complaint into Bluehost asking why the server kept on going down. On why they were unable to maintain good uptime and failed to get […]

Writing their bio

Call it the curse of a geek, with the plethora of new Web 2.0 services coming out month after month, don’t you sometimes find it difficult to write that little bio blurb on your profile page? Yes, I know that somewhere in the not too distant future there’ll be a hot service that plumbs all […]

Tweetup 4, kicking off the planning

I’m kicking off discussion today as I see that Mr Rick is DJing at Soundcheck on September 5th. I’m sure that there’ll be some cheerleaders and general blogger tail in town to support him,  so is this a good date for the next Tweetup? If Soundcheck kicks off at 7pm, maybe dinner ought to start […]

How to check if your site gets through the Great Firewall of China

With all of the talk about how Chinese authorities have backed down from their promises of free and unfettered web access for the Olympics, eyes rest on the Great Firewall. Wanna check to see if your site is accessible? Try Just Ping. It’s a free service with servers across the world that will ping your […]

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