Red Links 1/07/08

Richard goes deep on the new Irish Times site. Great post.

Marie has a new rebooted her blog, the Strange Quark. Subscribe, she’s a great read.

Really liking Niall Kitson’s new blog too! Yes, Darklight bring on other classics like Wargames. How about the Andromeda Strain, Altered States or Brazil. I could list weird vintage movies all day long.

I agree, agree, agree with Robin. 1000%. Move away from the computer! Build products for real people. Early adopters constitute a tiny part of the market.

Falling in love with Son Lux, especially with his remix of My Brightest Diamond’s ‘Inside a Boy’. A dark classic. And ‘Betray’ is a perfect pop song, ‘Break’ not so much.

Finally, a Youtube viewer for the bored, stoned or insomniacs –  Jump from one random clip to the next using the spacebar.

A very cool studio workspace.

Amazing IR tree shot.

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