Saving your digital life with Put Place

Ever been in the heartbreaking scenario where you watch those precious files and photos accumulated over many years get accidentally deleted? Be it hard drive failure or just plain carelessness, it’s never a pretty feeling. Put Place is an Irish company that offers a service to backup all your digital collateral – those photos and files you value in a safe place.

Imagine your files in a virtual locker saved on Put Place’s back-end servers. To secure your files on the PutĀ  Place service, you simply download some software and it does all the magic behind the scenes backing up your digital lifestyle.

The service is currently in Beta and users that register during the Beta phase will get unlimited space to save their files until the service goes into production. After the Beta phase, each user gets an allowance of 2GB storage space for free. Why not sign up and check out Put Place?

Put Place is the first Irish company to be covered in the Tuesday Push, a movement to expose product offerings of indigenous startups to a wider audience outside the clued-in tech set. Wanna join? Get involved. Get the word out.

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