Tweetup 3, fancy some sushi and beerage?

Yeah, another social event. Jesus, all she blogs about is coffee meets etc.. 🙂  I’m organising a Tweetup for July 18th in Dublin. Ms Boran picked the date.  Dublin Tweetup 2 was last year!

What’s a Tweetup? Basically just a group of us going for dinner and then a couple social drinks afterwards. It’s an open event. So, if you’re a Twitterer, a blogger, a miscreant or anything in between – if you want to tag along, please leave a comment. If you prefer your anonymity, drop me a mail. If you don’t get in contact and you turn up…. ooops, there won’t be a place for you at the table. Or if you’d rather just tag for some beers later on leave a comment or drop me an email so I can give you the heads up on where we wander to.

Dinner will be sushi at Hop House, ‘cos I know of someone that really, really wanted to have the sushi there the last time and couldn’t! Pub could be the Porter House, but that will be open for discussion too.

I’m closing comments and emails for this on Friday, July 11th at midnight. So, sign up before then to get a spot!

Update: And sushi-haters, here are some reviews. They do more than raw fish!

16 replies on “Tweetup 3, fancy some sushi and beerage?”

  1. At the moment, not looking like the best weekend for me, have friends in from the US, hubbie’s birthday and possibly 2 trips to NI in the one long weekend… But I’ll try and confirm just which of those are required and which could wait and I’ll let you know.

  2. Hii alexia

    this is Mo. from Dublin Metblogs, sounds like a good idea to meet fellow bloggers, I would ask the authors of dublin metblogs, if they wanna tweetup (hard to keep with all the terminology :)).. and would confirm if I get some yes’s 🙂 ..


  3. @Elly – you mentioned that before. D’oh. Head like sieve I have. @Alexia – if you would rather pick a later date to suit more peeps I don’t mind at all at all. I’m in Dub-land most weekends (apart from the 25th July)- maybe you should do a poll for a date, strawpoll uses twitter!

  4. @Marie 25th suits me, bummer… Either we push to 1st Aug (which seems very far away!) or give me a day to try and clear 18th (and the morning after).

    We’ll never get a date to suit everyone, so if 18th works for most people, then let me try and work to it..

  5. Aw, I can’t go. will be in London. but hope you all have a super time, and nice one to do it on a Friday! Suggest you all choose a date for tweetup4 before you part for the evening?

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