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Okay, so I’ve just made the booking for this Friday’s Tweetup. Our table is booked for 8:30. Don’t know where the restaurant is? Find it here.

I’m still taking suggestions for the pub for afters. If you want to meet up for a beer later, let me know and I’ll get in contact with you on the whereabouts.

Looking forward to this Tweetup!

Update: And the table is booked under my name in case I’m running late!

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  1. Well, I’m planning on sensible shoes, so the hike over the the Porterhouse is no prob – if it’s dry! Might want to consider a close pub as a back-up in case it’s pissing down.

    Are we booked for karaoke too? or just food?

  2. I must be confused – is there some other place nearby that does sushi & karaoke?

    It’s years since I’ve done any karaoke, but I’m up for a laugh – but maybe that would scare off other people?

  3. @Elly There’s a place on Capel St that does karaoke, I’m sure there’s more nearby. Perhaps we could wait until Tweetup 4? 🙂 It’ll be soon..

  4. I’ll be on the bus leaving Dunboyne at 6.50, so should arrive at College Green around 8-ish or so.

    Don’t expect me to dress up all too much though! Now here’s the dilemma – normal jumper, or Games Soc hoodie? 😛

  5. I’ve never been to the hop house – looking forward to it! I’d have to be quite drunk to do karaoke, I’m still scarred from last time when I sung the Eagles ‘Take it easy’. *shudder*

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