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The biggest challenge of managing any project worth its salt is the cost/time conundrum. The eternal dilemma of any IT project manager is keeping developers and testers honest with respect to their responsibilities while trying to ensure costs are minimised by eyeballing timelines. This is true for every sector. There are lots of tools on the market that promise to ease the pain of tracking project resources,  Irish company 1time has a handy web-based solution aimed to simplify tracking project tasks.

1time tracks employee timesheets, vacation and absenteeism through reports and reminders. 1time also has some very cool cost/benefit analysis reports. Detailed expense tracking reports are also bundled in. 1time also integrates nicely with Basecamp; it allows projects from be imported from and time reports sent back to Basecamp.

Like a lot of tuned in web companies, 1time hosts a news/support blog, why not subscribe and learn more about their services? 1time has tailored offerings to suit different parts of the market all the way from a free package for one person orgs all the way up to projects that have up to a hundred users. Why not give it a test-drive with a 30-day trial?

1time is the second Irish company to be covered in the Tuesday Push, a movement to expose product offerings of indigenous startups to a wider audience outside the clued-in tech set.Wanna promote Irish startups? Get involved. Get the word out. Have a startup yourself that you want featured in the Tuesday push, fill out the Push form.

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