Red Links 22/07/08

Phil ponders on the future of photography.

Beautiful baby pics. Such tenderness.

The Limerick Tango blog.

Some thoughts on why Sarkozy called Cowen fat.

Still loving this Fiesta days later. * Appends to want list *

Oooo, a Chief Scientist joins the fight against spammy followers on Twitter! We await any positive moves by the men in white jackets.

And on the Twitter blogs – why is it that the Twitter status blog is not linked to by the main Twitter blog? Seems like the first place you should heard users to is the status blog, right? Is there a reason why this isn’t being done?

Techcrunch goes into hardware biz? Interesting idea.

3 UK are launching the super-looking Xperia X1 in November. I hope it comes our way too.

Science meets abstract art in topographic photos. Via VSL.

New planet in the sky, Makemake. I kid you not.

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    Aw, thanks a million for the link love! Much appreciated 🙂

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