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Right, I’ve had enough of the crappy service I’m getting here at Bluehost. Every single day, this site goes down. The outages are becoming more and more curious. I sent a complaint into Bluehost asking why the server kept on going down. On why they were unable to maintain good uptime and failed to get an answer. The truth of the matter is that I’m paying for uptime that I’m not getting.

I chose Bluehost as it was recommended to me by a friend who said that they were fast, dependable and good value. And they were in the beginning. But as the international price wars between hosting centres has heated up over the last while, you have to wonder if these economy-class hosters have fallen out of the yellow-pack brigade and into the hedgerows.

Today’s outage was accompanied by this humdinger of a support message on the server status console:

Our web servers handle hundreds of databases, some of which may become corrupted occasionally. Your server is currently undergoing a database repair, which usually completes succesfully, but may take 20-60 minutes.

Talk to me like I’m a child, do. Please talk to me like a child when you are doing upgrades on scripts that do not affect WordPress on server, but then decide to that a complete outage for up to 30mins is necessary. Please talk to me like I’m a child, Mr. Bluehost support status, because I like it!

Right, so. Off I go. This blog is migrating to Blacknight. I’m off to buy a package. Conor just moved and has only good things to say about them. That’s enough of a rec for me. I hope it’ll be an easy move. Much easier than sitting here for another day watching the Bluehost server status console.

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  1. Enjoy your time 🙂

    I may follow, but at least not until the end of my current billing cycle on GoDaddy – and even then I have huge disk space requirements 🙁

  2. When debating where to move, I did look at price. The reality is that I can get a better deal from some giant US provider like GoDaddy. But the difference is just a few Euro per year and I’ve just been impressed by how Michele and the guys do business.

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