Tweetup 4, kicking off the planning

I’m kicking off discussion today as I see that Mr Rick is DJing at Soundcheck on September 5th. I’m sure that there’ll be some cheerleaders and general blogger tail in town to support him,  so is this a good date for the next Tweetup?

If Soundcheck kicks off at 7pm, maybe dinner ought to start at 7-ish. Be finished before 8:30 and then onto DJ set? Hmm, maybe a place on the Southside too so it’s not a hundred miles away from Spy?

Okay, so I’m just thowing this out there. You can discuss in the comments where, what and when to do it. A different date is fine, if people don’t want to do September 5th. And I know there’s talk of karaoke (nods at Marie and Elly), but that kinda scares people.

There will – (adds emphasis here)  – not be any peanut fighting at Tweetup 4. Unless, of course, you want to throw them at me. Just a little.

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7 Comments to “Tweetup 4, kicking off the planning”

  1. TheChrisD Says:

    Hmmm, I think I’m fine for whenever. Just as long as it doesn’t start moving around the end of September, otherwise there’s college-based complications to deal with…

  2. Ben Says:

    Sounds good, will pencil it in. I dunno where Spy is though? couldnt see it on the SC blog. Is that not on Eden Quay?
    Im geographically embarrassed when it comes to town these days!

    Its close to holidays for me so as long as im not scrimping and saving i should make an appearance!

  3. Alexia Says:

    @Ben: It’s on South William Street. Here’s their site. Sept 5th is a Friday night. Are you still okay with that? I know you work late on Fridays.

  4. Ben Says:

    Thanks, yeah i think i know it so!

    Yeah if i cant switch around a friday i will be in after work which could mean 10ish, thats dropping the car home and getting the bus in etc

  5. Rick Says:

    I am flattered Ms Lexi that you’d make my first foray into the world of indie music club DJing your next night out 🙂

    All details to follow on mine when I mail Una…

  6. Alexia Says:

    @Rick Really looking forward. Also trying to source pompoms.

  7. Marie Says:

    Sounds good! Karaoke you say? *hmm hmm* *la la la* I’m prepping my voice already. I was once told that I had the voice of an angel (in distress after its vocal cords had been compressed by a freak gardening accident not before it had swallowed slug pellets mistaken for sweeties)

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