Sunday Lunching 2.0

One of the very few things I miss about Jaiku, is the way people would join in on a Sunday Lunch 2.0. What’s Sunday Lunch 2.0? Well, it’s a chance for you to share what you’re cooking. Maybe snap a photo. Let’s move it to Twitter. I’m making lamb today. How about you?

Best Catchphrase I’ve Read All Week

Fall in love with the Irish Web Awards

Here’s mashup attempt #2. Heart image is royalty-free from SXC. Try your hand at making an Irish Web Awards graphic. Download a logo, start playing  with it and publish it.

Crewger, building a community for filmmaking creatives

This week’s Tuesday Push is for Crewger, a community dedicated to bringing Irish filmmakers together to support the promotion, producing and showing of their films. Crewger really is an interactive hub for everything Irish filmmaking. It’s a social network for Irish filmmakers that want to show their wares, share their experiences and tout themselves for […]

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