Photowalking the Guinness Storehouse

So, yesterday I went on my second photowalk in the Guinness Storehouse Dublin hosted by the Guinness Storehouse team and Pixie. Lisa from Guinness Storehouse gave our group a tour of the facility, highlighting the significance of the building. We milled around a bit, trying to get some nice shots. After that, Guinness very kindly surprised us with a generous Irish breakfast. And then off to the Gravity bar for a complimentary Guinness. Big thanks go to Lisa and the rest of the Diageo team for being such fantastic hosts. They opened the Storehouse especially for us, so we could capture the building before visitors arrived.

marcusThanks to Marcus for organising this photowalk too! He has been tirelessly beavering away to set up this visit for Pixie members and photobloggers for months now. I know each and every photowalker today was grateful for the chance to explore the building in their own time – and it’s down to Marcus that we got the opportunity.

Pixie is also teaming up with the Festival of World Cultures, so expect lots of photos of international performers to pepper their site soon. You have to admire how Pixie is hooking up with events and attractions that people want to take photos of; it demonstrates an understanding of how cooperation between companies can be a win for users and mutually beneficial for business. I’d love to see more Irish companies do this.

Here are my amateur efforts. And then there were the TwinkleShots:

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  1. @Phil: Yeah, it was a shame. You would have loved it.

    @Darren: Great to meet you again too. It really was a 2 second conversation, wasn’t it? Your photos are amazing. Love the brewing time one.

  2. @Lisa:

    Thanks ever so much for the hospitality. It was great to be able to roam in the still, still morning before the hoards arrived. There’s just so many more photos I could have taken. I was running out of battery power, so I had to be cruel when choosing shots.

    I definitely want to go back and catch some of the photos I missed this time around. Perhaps with a bigger camera and a spare battery. 🙂

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