What O2 PR?

So it’s been a clutch of weeks since my disgusting treatment at the O2 Experience store in Grafton Street, Dublin. O2 said sorry and gave me a complimentary month of rental. John was similarly frustrated, got an apology and a dock to make amends. Still there are two glaring O2 customer experiences that were blogged about and they haven’t had a scrap of contact. No support whatsoever.

What are O2 thinking? Seriously. Have all the PR brains gone on holidays? Pat and Damien are two of the biggest names in Irish technology blogging have been ignored. Bloggers whose audiences are ten times of mine. Writers that people listen to when dipping their toes into technology, gadgets and telecoms. Trusted voices of the Irish Tech sector. Yes, O2 – this is a slow-mo PR disaster and you are driving the train.

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