Crewger, building a community for filmmaking creatives

This week’s Tuesday Push is for Crewger, a community dedicated to bringing Irish filmmakers together to support the promotion, producing and showing of their films.

Crewger really is an interactive hub for everything Irish filmmaking. It’s a social network for Irish filmmakers that want to show their wares, share their experiences and tout themselves for business, in the filmmaker list.  Cast and crew members can blog on the site and videos (snippets or trailers) can be embedded in a filmmaker portfolio. That’s a very tidy concept.

Crewger supplement their social networking with a newsfeed. Crewger are on Twitter too. The Crewger team are off to the Electric Picnic this weekend! I think there’s more to come for Crewger. They are only getting started.

Crewger is the fifth Irish company to be covered in the Tuesday Push, a movement to expose product offerings of indigenous startups to a wider audience outside the clued-in tech set. Wanna promote Irish startups? Get involved. Get the word out and join the Tuesday Push. Have a startup yourself that you want featured in the Tuesday push, fill out the Push form.

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