RTÉ goes to the web with Red

RTÉ2 have a newish childrens online show called Red. Nice to see more moves into user-generated content land with Youtube. More please. Someone in RTÉ Entertainment was guffawing: This week RTÉ’s George Lee shows us the funny side of recession.

Thanks Twenty

Twenty has retired and personally I’m a little heartbroken. Fucks, cunts and cocks, he was the sharpest blogger we have. In world beset by starfuckers and zombies, he spoke his mind challenging political and societal bullshit. Funny how others that try to push the personality button are entirely vacant of one. He was the real […]

Still not booked your seat at the Irish Web Awards?

Do it now! Only ten seats left! The Irish Web Awards will be sold out in minutes.  What a cool poster by Ken.

Scheming Lexia

is scheming. Thanks Tommy. 🙂

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