When Home is all fucked up (the button, that is)

Dear O2,

The iPhone I fought so hard to buy is all fucked up less than a month after I bought it. Yes, the Home button no longer works. I’ve been creepily taking care of my phone like a babe since I bought it, hence my utter frustration.

I will be calling you in the morning. I’m sure I’ll be nonchalantly passed onto Apple support with my god-damned problems. Any and all support engagements will be blogged – good or ill.


A Very Pissed Customer

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  1. Thats not sounding good for the iPhone 3g… I still have my old 2G i phone, and its working fairly ok… Chances of O2 actually doing anything with this, i guess, will be slim. I had a problem with an Apple TV, which ended up needing a replacement. Nicely enough, Apple sent out pre-paid TNT labels, so all i had to do was stick it in a box and wait for the TNT guy.

    Good luck though!

  2. Go Girl – looking forward to the saga 🙂

    In fairness to O2 much as they appear to not give a **** at other levels the individuals I have dealt with on their help lines (not the shops mind you) have always been professional and helpful.


  3. Mine’s (original not 3g) been playing up a bit lately – freezing, going blank, etc. It actually decided to die at electric picnic when I had wandered off and desperately needed phone contact to find friends. Obviously could not take battery out and the home button was not responding so it was half an hour before it decided to randomly switch itself back on. As much as I love it I’m not sure I trust it any more – I take a Blackberry as backup in my bag 🙁

  4. Oh dear god NOOOO!

    I am so sorry to hear about this, ever since software 2.0.2 I have found the phone to be as buggy as hell, but I am hoping to get that sorted with, hopefully, tomorrows anouncement of 2.1

    What you seem to have encountered though is hardware acting up, after 1 month the store will just have to replace it they have no other choice. Its just not on.

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