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I had very high hopes for CreativeCamp Belfast last weekend and it totally surpassed them. I went to some very cool talks presented by enthusiastic speakers. I loved the interdisciplinary mix at the event. It was nice to meet people who were in the music scene, students, photographers and geeky folk. These were people that actually introduced themselves by explaining their passions. Not one person introduced themselves as a social media maven. I wouldn’t expect anything less from the Belfast folk.

Like all the best creative/tech gatherings, the best conversations were sandwiched between the talks. I could have listened to some people all day long. I’m totally linkbaiting the interesting people I met last Saturday:  Richard, Damien, Grannymar, Darren, Phil, Sharon, Davy, Gita, Romans, Mairin, Eamonn, Tracy and Maryrose.

Belfast is an amazing city and a place I hope to return to soon and many times over. While I didn’t see all that much of the city, the people I met were so incredibly generous and welcoming, it really did feel like home to me.

Great congrats are due to Andy, Camp Daddy and all-round Bossyboots (every Camp event needs one). He did an excellent job organising. From registration, to seating, to catering, to scheduling and setting up an unexpected breakout area for panel discussions, he did a fab job.

After attending CreativeCamp Belfast, I think I’ll be far more critical of other camps in the future. Thanks for your hospitality, Belfast!

Update: Oh, and a link to the photos I took over the weekend.

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  1. Hi Alexia

    It was a well organised event. I just tuned up (a bit late) and it was clear that others had been hard at work sorting it all out.

    I’m glad you enjoyed Belfast, and it was nice to meet you, even if only briefly. I hope we meet again at some other blogger conglomeration.

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