Liveblogging the first Obama/McCain debate

Suzy and I liveblogged the first Presidential debate last Friday night. Oh, yes and I believe Obama won this round. McCain also needs to be informed of the correct number for our Corporate Tax Rate! It’s 12.5%, not 11%! Liveblogging is the new purple, isn’t it?

Liveblogging the Late Late

For the last couple of weeks, Simon has been threatening to liveblog the Late Late Show. Well, last night he did along with Suzy, Fergal and Darragh. I helped out a little, too. Reposting the entry.

Spotted in the window of Russell’s today

Is the ‘R’ biting much?

Blonde Redhead’s 23

Still wearing my Johnny-come-lately cap, I’m listening to a lot of Blonde Redhead lately. Just bought their latest ’23’ off iTunes and throughly loving it. Watch the title track and see what you think. ‘Dr Strangeluv’ is still my favourite off the album though.

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