Pat Phelan wins Overall IIA Netvisionary prize 2008

I’m so glad to see the IIA recognise Pat Phelan as the tech titan he is, by awarding him Overall Netvisionary prize for 2008. No one deserves it more than Pat. As well as being a complete telecoms rockstar, his hardworking ethic underpins every part of his business. He’s invested so much time, effort and […]

Red Links 29/10/08

A blogger can die happy when … Patrick has written a nice reflection tool for the iPhone’s SDK. This Gender Equality Forum looks unequal to me. You have until November 1st to register to vote on the draft register for the coming year. Check the electoral register to see if you are on it. You […]

Gentrify SF

Gentrify is a mashup map of points of interest in San Francisco.  The nicer sorts of places. Tongue firmly in cheek territory. But a nice way to share, right? Wouldn’t be nice to build one for an Irish city, say Dublin or Cork?

Red Links 28/10/08

Free apps for OSX. Via Florian. David is looking for your questions to put to Neil Gaiman.. The Guardian rolls out full-text articles to RSS. It’s one of the first biggies to do so. A very exciting programme for the Arts Council New Media conference. Andrew ‘Doubting Thomas’ Keen is keynoting. Well worth the day […]

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