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A little while ago, I blogged about LouderVoice and how they listen to their users. It’s nice to see them line up today as the Tuesday Pushee.

For those of you that haven’t heard of LouderVoice, it’s a consumer review site. Have something that you’d like to review, with your comments good or ill – you can register your opinion for others to read. The gem of the site is that submitting your review can be done in lots of different ways. You can type it up on the site, text it in, blog it or microblog it. The barrier to entry is as easy or as technical as you want to make it.

LouderVoice have also just unveiled an enterprise offering giving businesses the scope to use the reviews engine but with a white label. Basically, LouderVoice deliver their backend expertise and let businesses build around it for their site. Here’s how LouderVoice describe their white labeling:

The heart of our white-label service is a secure XML API. Reviews and comments are submitted/displayed on your site but we take care of all of the content on our system. This enables you to define exactly where reviews appear on your site, who can review/comment and how all of that content appears. The effort involved in adding reviews to a site using this approach is very low. Our Professional Services team work closely with you to ensure the solution is optimal for your business. All of the reviews can also appear on our consumer-facing site too, driving traffic to your site.

So you get the reviews engine and a little external traffic juice to your business reviews site. Nice idea.  There’s also a sweet-looking widget on the way that businesses can embed onto their sites or social networking pages to allow their users to send reviews simply. LouderVoice’s business product ethos is definitely aimed at connecting as many customer scenarios as seamlessly as possible. And that’s the beauty of it.

What I really like about LouderVoice though, is the way they listen to their user base. They never stop innovating. For a company that’s all about sharing your criticisms on products or services, they listen to the voices of their users. That’s a laudable virtue, but a big part of the LouderVoice spirit. So, if you have any constructive feedback, I’m sure they’d be glad to hear about it.

So what is the Tuesday Push? In short, it’s a movement to expose product offerings of indigenous startups to a wider audience outside the clued-in tech set. Wanna promote Irish startups? Get involved. Get the word out and join the Tuesday Push. Have a startup yourself that you want featured in the Tuesday push, fill out the Push form. Oh and I’m a little behind on Tuesday Pushing, but I’ll catch up.

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  1. Hi Alexia,

    Well done on the push for Loudervoice – Conor has really done great things over there.

    Any chance of this being extended to none IT based sites .. maybe wine review websites 🙂 ?

    perhaps chancing my arm but can’t hurt to ask !

    Love the site


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