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  1. It’s actually more of a Neue Helvetica knock-off. The curves on all the letters seem to be off (which is why the ‘e’ look misshapen), same with the letter kerning. See where the bowls of the ‘d’ and ‘g’ meets the stems? That should be as thick as where the aperture of the ‘h’ meets its stem.

    Me, as far as swiss typefaces go, I’m more of a Univers fan. But if I was stuck on a desert island with one and only one typeface, it’d be Gill Sans.

    There’s also some dodgy history behind Olnova.

  2. im a bit of a Helvetica fetishist…but this is ok. I don’t like the ‘e’s myself…in fact some of the letters seem haphazard or unbalanced, the e in particular.

  3. The dodgy kerning is pretty distracting and I definitely don’t like the ‘e’. Mind you, I stare at Futura all day long, so my judgement is probably somewhat squiffy these days.

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