Red Links 29/10/08

A blogger can die happy when

Patrick has written a nice reflection tool for the iPhone’s SDK.

This Gender Equality Forum looks unequal to me.

You have until November 1st to register to vote on the draft register for the coming year. Check the electoral register to see if you are on it. You want to play in the locals next Summer, right?

It’s never too early to put up those Christmas lights, you know..

Search Flickr by colour.

Ugly pillow faceoff!

And the award for Design site with the Best Name goes to Art Bastard.

‘The Insiders’ by Jane Mayer – New Yorker cover story from the last issue calling BS on Sarah Palin’s claims of being outside the Washington political elite. Good piece.

Zebra typography.

Love Letters, a poster piece by Dublin artist Alex Synge of the First 47.

The Rubitone.

Pearl Jam ‘I Am Mine’

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