Olnova Bold

For every Helvetica, there are clones like Olnova Bold. Olnova Bold is quite nice, though I’m on the fence on the e’s.. What do you think?

Red Links 24/10/08

Of prodigies and late bloomers. Types and their subliminal messages. That scene from Lethal Weapon 2. Limerick stylee. More Limerick love. The first Limerick Tech Fair takes place on November 1st at the Thomond Park Conference Centre. Admission is free. The Dublin Electronic Arts Festival kicked off yesterday and runs until Sunday. Lots of shows […]

Today’s Protests Photos

These sorts of photos are going to be all over the papers tomorrow.  Getting the jump early are Redmum on the medical cards and Kate with student fees.

Off on hols

So Molly decided to up and die over the weekend. Time for a mini break. Will be in and out until auditions end. Yes, a geek having just one machine is pathetic. 🙂

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