Reflecting on Barcamp Cork

Yesterday’s Barcamp Cork was a great day out. I met lots of friends, old and new. If the ground had opened up under Webworks, half the Irish web industry would have been wiped out. 

I really enjoyed Enda’s session on Social Media. It’s was great to see a teenager talk about social media and it’s effectiveness. It’s rare in a world of buzzwordmeisters. Go Enda. Against my better judgement of recording sessions (they’re better live), I grabbed a few minutes on Qik.


However, my favourite part was Pat’s frank business advice to wanterpreneurs in ‘Lunch is for Wimps’.  Plans to hijack Robinson’s Barley Water branding and push it were rightly put to one side, while useful advice was imparted to those assembled. For those of you that didn’t attend it, the message was clear – just do it. Build your app with whatever you have. Avoid Angels if at all possible. Be generous with your knowledge and contacts – we’re all in the same team, let’s start pulling in the same direction. Let’s pool our resources. James Galvin gave some nice tidbits on Tweetrush and his experience working on it. 

Great thanks are in order for Conor of LouderVoice (the Barcamp Kingpin), Kay of Webworks, Damien and all of sponsors for organising and supporting the day. My snaps of Barcamp Cork

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