Red Links 12/11/08

Fergal has a new blog, These Are Songs. First up, ‘Frankie and Johnny’.

Middle-aged moany musician takes his place on the middle-of-the-road golf links runway. Yay. A pox on those misery boots! Just in time for the reissue of Murmur too.

Want! Fresh way to divide a space meets lego fun.

A green keyboard.

The not-so lame Burger King tees. A bit Threadless, but a worthy start.

AA Gill is a genius. Every word he writes melts like quicksilver:

Now, there are three immutable rules for a happy, regret-free life. Never make a pass at an oriental girl whose Adam’s apple is bigger than her breasts; don’t put anything in your mouth that involves a bet; and never, ever eat at the suggestion of a photographer.



Daring to be different. The new Toshiba ad. 



The Submarines ‘Thorny Thicket’

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