Red Links 19/11/08

Congrats to the team, notching up the second highest number of unique visitors in September for Irish websites. Well done.

Via Sinead, Malcolm Gladwell is giving a lecture next week in UCD riffing off his upcoming book. (Edit: Give them a ring to find out if you need to book tickets, just in case!)

Facebook adds “pro accounts” for developers in the form of Verified Apps. Looser spam restrictions, advertising and badge? Paying $375 for a badge to be part of a club where spam is easier to generate? WTF?

Life Magazine’s photo archive brought to the web by Google.


Swearalphabet. Great posters too.

Stanford Uni researchers develop a way where video and pictures can be embedded into video within a few clicks. No movie effects house needed. Can you say mass adoption of advertising embedded in video?

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