A scone for your days

Photo owned by DrZito (cc) Like the very best scones, 2008 has been a gang of fruity goodness. For every sultana I picked out, there were masses upon masses of currents and soft baked pastry. To them, I send my hugs. Next year will rock.

The Tommy Summit

A bit late blogging this and crossing my fingers that President Tommy doesn’t have me knocked off for being tardy. Last Sunday night’s blogger meetup at Chez Collison was an absolute treat. We were spoiled, entirely. Many thanks to Lily, Patrick and Silvana for doing all the dirty work and cooking for a rowdy blogger […]

The Section Quartet “Black Hole Sun”

  Another great arrangement from The Section Quartet. 

Win a prize, give a charity hug to Jack & Jill’s Foundation for kids

Two great competitions to ring in the New Year! Damien has a competition with some nice mobile goodies – a Nokia 5220, a Voyager 815 bluetooth headset and an Elextex keyboard for your mobile and a super-dee-duper prize of a Nokia N810 Internet Tablet.  Damien’s blurb:  For everyone that donates one or more mobile phones […]

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