Shoot me, I’m a fan


At this time of year, people are compiling lists all over shop – best albums, greatest movies, favourite celebs, wishlists and such..

I’m not an arbiter of fashion and I don’t have hallowed taste, but I’m a fan of:

  • Pat Phelan: Business whiz, Telecoms God * genuflects *, massive-hearted guy, family man and a good friend. Inspiring me everyday. I’m convinced he has a naturally occurring no-bullshit forcefield about him.
  • JP¬†Rangaswami: Someday, I want to freewheel like JP does. I’m sure he throws away a hundred ideas a day that I’d fight to develop in a month.
  • Niall Harbison: Chefy genius, workaholic that mainlines on video, possibly certifiable and overly generous opening his home to a bunch of blogger nerds. Has a massive charitable soul too.
  • Luas: Gets me from home to work everyday. Fast, cheap and dependable. And happens to have an ‘ickle carbon footprint. The way public transport ought to be designed. Simple as.
  • Tazo Calm Tea: The reason a kettle was invented. Chamomile and Mint.. Do it.
  • iPhone: I don’t think I can ever go back to conventional phones again. My holiday with Loanershitphone almost did me in. The iPhone has it all – email, good browsing experience, phone, SMS, bad camera and music all on tap. Still coo at it.

Got any things you’re a fan of?

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