Selection Box: Phil O’Kane “New Years Resolutions”

Photographer Mr Iced Coffee Phil O’Kane is today’s Selection Box guest blogger.

Another year, another set of goals, new memories and hopefully many good times. As is the norm this time of year, I have created a short list of resolutions; some vaguely realistic goals and achievements for the year ahead. I’ve never really been one to take resolutions seriously, though this year I think I’ve made a list of potentially do-able things.

Putting it into practice is always much harder while having a few

Resolutions are one of those things that everyone asks about in the first week of January, right after saying they have just broken theirs by eating chocolate, having that takeaway, or having those drinks the very next weekend. It isn’t until two or three months later that they realise they still haven’t used the gym membership.

A year can be a long time, better planning of that time will be a major one really. The more variation of activities each day brings, the the shorter life won’t seem. No matter what it is, if each day is the same I want to make an effort to change that. Do more on the spur of the moment, hop on that bus/train when the opportunity arises.

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