Selection Box: Pat Phelan “The spirit of Christmas past”

Today’s Selection Box post is from Irish techenterpreneur Pat Phelan. What an inspiring way to end the series and 2008. Thanks to everyone that donated their time!

Christmas 1999

I had done it again, massive promises, massive anticipation, all the presents wrapped, house looking like a winter wonderland, 6 weeks sober and an idea came into my head, “I deserve a celebration drink on Christmas eve, I have been amazingly good for the last six weeks”.

I still remember the horror on their faces as I told them I would be back in an hour.

Arrived home 1am Christmas morning, drunk, suicidal, hallucinating and another fuck up behind me.

I woke up on the sofa on Christmas morning hallucinating so bad that I thought it was snowing in the house, snow was under my feet as I walking in the house, I was trying to remember was it Stalagmites or Stalactites that hung downwards whilst my brain was telling me that this couldn’t be real, snap out of it.

My wife and kids nursed me though Christmas until I was somewhat fit to get out of a tracksuit on the eve of a new millennium.

We had to get the bus to town as I was unable to drive.

We stood on Merchants Quay looking up at the fireworks and I prayed like I never prayed before.

“Give me one last chance and I will try to change”

I was fit enough to crawl into AA on the 7th of January, a new chapter begun.

Hope I never forget that Christmas.

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  1. Thanks Pat, who knows this may be the best Christmas present ever for somebody casually reading here! I wish you a dry year for 2009.

    Lexia I have really enjoued dipping into your Selection Box each day. Some of the posts will stay with me waaaay longer than a real curly wurly!

    I wish you a year of adventure for 2009!

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