2fm steal Rick O’Shea’s voice

Word spilt out over the weekend that Rick O’Shea‘s show is to be cruelly robbed of its talk segments. From next week, both his and Nikki Hayes‘ shows will be a pared-down, record-spinning wastelands. What an utter disgrace! The best parts of Rick’s show were talk segments – the letters from readers, the curious web finds, the interviews and Headspace.

If anything, Rick’s show needs more talk, not less. In stark contrast to Gerry Ryan‘s incessant cocks and titties talk, Rick’s charming and dulcet tones are the perfect accompaniment to daytime toil. They wake you gently from that post-lunch slumber and help you through until 5pm.

Last Sunday’s Tribune reported that the move appeared to be motivated by tight budgetary conditions with research resources being cut:

The move will result in just one researcher working across three separate shows presented by Hayes, O’Shea and Drivetime presenter Will Leahy.

The Trib continues by suggesting that the man behind the move is 2fm’s heir apparent, former DJ Michael Cahill. If this is the way that his reign on 2fm’s airwaves is to begin, are we to believe that all chat will be wiped off the station? Perhaps he could save a few shillings by recording computer voices introducing tracks. What, no likey Stephen Hawking? Tough!

To be honest, it looks to me like RTÉ is hurting from its loss of sponsorship on some its shows. 2fm reportedly failed to find a sponsor for Gerry Ryan’s daily morning show. That was a loss of over €100,000 a year in revenue.

The new regime of cutting talk and developing a website just to sell music appears to be hugely flawed. Most kids download straight from torrents. Older folks are iTunesing, but are probably tuned to specialist stations like Phantom or specialist music shows catering to their tastes.

In times where talk radio stations like Newstalk have hit a vacuum of creativity and originality, 2fm ought to be adding something different into the mix. There are dozens of dedicated music stations out there. How about offbeat talky shows, kind of like The End but on radio? Is this turning of a new leaf also an admission that 2fm’s stable of DAB stations is a failure, as aren’t they supposed to be havens of music 24 hours a day?

2fm, give Rick back his voice. It was the best asset you had in your daytime lineup. Forget about titty talk, give us our Headspace.

Update:  You can join the Facebook group If It’s Not Broken Don’t Fix It: Keep Rick O’Shea and Nikki Hayes Talking to show your support.

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  1. I did rather like Ricks show – his music was fine but I liked hearing what his listeners texted in. There was also something surprisingly nice about hearing his deep voice through the speakers in the car.

    I always dispised Michael Cahills show though. Ugh.

    Although who am I to complain – the only times I ever listen to 2fm are when I’m stuck in the car. Far too many ads on that station.

  2. Missed this first time round Alexia, will add it to the facebook group. I heard the Turdiddy twitter shite as well. I couldn’t tell if he had his fingers in his ears, being radio and all, but he was definitely going LALALALALALALALALALAAAALAAAA.

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