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Today the Green Party spammed me in a mailshot to their mailing list. Will someone tell them that they the age-old unsolicited leaflet through the mailbox does not work for email?

Not only that but the group mail is prefaced by a message saying:

Hello, and happy new year. Just letting you know about a competition that the Green Party is running that you may be interested in. Apologies if you have already received this, but we have updated some of our lists and I wanted to make sure you got it.

Did I ask to to be included in a mailing list?  No.

I have previously had a single back and forth with the sender to correct misspellings on a blog comment, but I didn’t ask to be added to a mailing list. There was no introductory email from the sender. No personal touch.

Spam is spam is spam. Want to get someone interested in your press release? Build a rapport with the person over email and then ask them in a personal email if they are interested in a topic. If that’s alright with the blogger, then send them a personal email with the press release attached. If I want to be part of a mailing list, I’ll sign myself up. The key is being personal. If you send someone an unsolicited press release, you’re giving them fuckall attention. How can you expect them to give you attention. Can you also expect a positive outcome? You’ve also insulted them to boot.

I know the Greens are in a process of retuning their online presence, but spam is inexcusable. Would I have been interested in reading about the viral video competition that the Greens were having? Possibly, but being spammed has damaged my appetite.

Still, here’s the blurb for those of you who are viral videomakers:

The Green Party has launched a competition for filmmakers and animators, who are asked to submit short viral videos promoting green messages. First prize is €1,000 and the winner will be selected by delegates at the Party’s Convention in March 2009.

The two most-viewed videos go forward to a vote-off final at the party conference in early March.  Full competition details are available on the Green Party site.

Update: They spammed Michele too.

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  1. “They spammed Michele too” – and I’ve added some additional context there too. But mea culpa; lesson learned.

    The rules of old media information dissemination, where most journos are listed in the Irish Media Contacts Directory (, and/or have their addresses published at the end of their copy, and therefore de facto opt in to bulk email, clearly don’t apply to bloggers, and are in any case less effective than proper courtesy and relationship management. Sadly this is the time-consuming bit. It’s why our humble press office (which sends out probably in the order of 200 or 300 press releases a year) falls back to bulk email, which works okay with political correspondents, but evidently awfully with tech bloggers.

    I’ve read previous posts on this subject by Damien and others, but clearly didn’t take much in. I will endeavour to do better!

    Knuckles suitably rapped.

  2. @Damian

    I think you’ve missed the key point.

    Bloggers are private individuals.

    We do not get paid to write about products or services (ok some do, but most don’t).

    As I already pointed out to you, if you’d approached me properly I wouldn’t have been so annoyed.



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