Busy, busy blogging bees


Ever notice how the activity on Irish blogs peaks right before judging in the Blog Awards begins? Or how the topics blogged turn controversial, nanny-stated or flavour of the month to nab comments? Just me? Didn’t think so.

January 16th, 2009 at 11:57 am • Filed in Blogging


9 Comments to “Busy, busy blogging bees”

  1. Twenty Major Says:

    As if Irish bloggers would be so cynical. Shame on you.

  2. Aidan Says:

    Now, that’s nae fair. Surely you should have posted some red links to back that one up 😉

  3. Stewart Curry Says:

    and what about people with blogs leaving comments all over the place in the hope of getting people to visit their blogs? 😉

  4. Nick McGivney Says:

    Excellent post keywords twitter recession cloud obama hudson cynic evolution of dance wha?

  5. Pat Phelan Says:

    Nah, you’re miles out there 🙂

  6. TheChrisD Says:

    My, whatever are you talking about

    * shifty eyes *

  7. Darragh Says:

    Can’t say I have. We’re well into January. People have more time to blog, perhaps? Then again, I didn’t notice last year so you may well be right.

  8. Andrew Says:

    My feed-reader doesn’t seem any busier than normal. Aside from Darragh, oddly, who is posting something about every seventeen minutes at the moment.

  9. raptureponies Says:

    I’m intrigued by your ideas, and would like to subscribe to your newsletter!


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