SIMtastic savings with MAXRoam & Dopplr

MAXRoam and Dopplr have come together like a pair of teenagers and given the world a new baby – the Dopplr SIM. Dopplr launched a new store yesterday with a host of products that aim to save money for it’s members. The new Dopplr-branded SIM powered by MAXRoam will be on sale in the new store.

Blurb on the savings, the MAXRoam Dopplr SIM will give travelers:

Speaking about the partnership, Cubic Telecom’s CEO Pat Phelan stated “We’re delighted to be working with Dopplr. MaxRoam’sĀ  SIM card will enable Dopplr travelers to save a minimum of 70% on their mobile travel bills.”

Within nine months of its launch in September 2007, MaxRoam had saved travelers more than $1 million on their roaming mobile bill and almost $1.7 million to date. These savings will now be extended to Dopplr members with a Dopplr SIM and website to manage their mobile usage while traveling.

A quick look at the Dopplr online store:

dopplr store

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