SIMtastic savings with MAXRoam & Dopplr

MAXRoam and Dopplr have come together like a pair of teenagers and given the world a new baby – the Dopplr SIM. Dopplr launched a new store yesterday with a host of products that aim to save money for it’s members. The new Dopplr-branded SIM powered by MAXRoam will be on sale in the new […]

Fuck heroes, legends give

As an addendum to the hundred-word spot that Niall gave me last week I want to add to that snippet. The one posted was much smaller and to be honest, a much more straight-laced to the one I wrote at first. Nobody wants to be the one to turn up in a red PVC stripper […]

This year’s nominations for the Meteor Music Awards?

What do you think? Makeyuppy or real? Here are last year’s nominations. Update: And the page is changing. Live updates. Jesus. Update 2: Page gone private! 🙁 Here’s a list of names up there.. Big health warning as the page was in flux being live updated as we watched! I wonder how close this will […]

Alive and dead in Dystopian eyes

Photo owned by mudpig (cc) Let’s stop and take our pulse. Just as we sit on the precipice of our economic nadir and people are searching for meaning. They are examining the Boomtime things they collected and weighing their benefits.  Our political leaders limp from one broken plan to another. Our trade unions  fight their […]

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