Irish Twitter Index

So last year, after seeing the Twitter Brand Index, I began to build out a list of Twitter companies and people  – the Irish Twitter  Index. Kind of like a Curiosity Shop, a place where you could find lots of different people and companies to follow.

I finally decided to publish the page after seeing Emily’s post on Irish media people that Twitter. I find it interesting and entirely fascinating that we’ve both come up with lists of media folk that twitter, with only a little overlap. Damien also has a very nice list of Irish companies on Twitter.

I expect the page to morph and change. For old names to pop off and new ones to arrive. If you want to suggest an add, drop me a mail and I’ll take a look.

The Irish Twitter Index is easily accessible to the right of my Zombieroll under Pages.

Oh, yes and this is all just a smokescreen. I’m just linkwhoring for Blog Awards votes. 🙂

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