Red Links 31/03/09

Conor on how not to waste an hour. Good post from Fred. Simplicity of code, does not a snark target make. Is Poland being complacent? By pigeoning-holing the future, EMI misses the point. Elevated Arbeitsplatzen. The elements of style. You are my sunshine. Pearl Jam ‘Wishlist’ from the SVT during the Yield sessions.

MiCandidate Blogger Launch – The Videos

Captured most of the Q&A session in the blogger launch for MiCandidate. Features Suzy, Cian of Irish Election, Mark and Darragh asking questions. There were so many more questions to ask!

Nude Bertie Ahern

Conor Casby’s nude of Bertie entitled “In his Bertie suit” from the frontpage of the Sunday Tribune, March 29th 2009.

Which Dragon’s Den investor type runs Google Ads?

Séan Gallagher. Found on the RTÉ site this morning.

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