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Last Thursday night I went to Martha’s geeky speaker bootcamp. We all shared our favourite speakers. As we went around the room, lots of great speakers were listed out. We selected attributes that made us love them – skills that inspired us. Names like Jono Bacon, Linus Torvalds and Bill O’Brien were bandied about.

As it was homework and I mitched the week before, I blurted out Randy Pausch and Marc Andreessen. Also adding the video with Steve Jobs at a whiteboard explaining NeXT’s business proposition as promised.

Randy Pausch

The infamous Last Lecture talk. Is there anyone left that hasn’t seen it?

Marc Andreessen

On the death of paper publishing for Portfolio magazine. Love his no-nonsense instincts and business savvy.

Steve Jobs

Part one – on the business that NeXT wanted to carve out in ’91. Extraordinary storytelling.

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