Red Links 11/03/09

Cork Blogger Beers this Friday night in the Thirsty Scholar.

Things We Forget via Sinéad.

Splendiforious NYC photos by Lili.

The Culchies are alive!

Via Web2Ireland, PollDaddy have launched their API so you can manage pollmaking using code.

Periodic table of typefaces!

On maintained Facebook relationships.

Interesting way of standing out of a crowd at gigs. Course, you could just body-paint yourself up.

KT Tunstall ‘I Want You Back’

2 thoughts on “Red Links 11/03/09”

  1. LOL, you haz been in my mindz readin my thoughtz!!!

    Sod, was lining up a few of those for Friday! :)
    Great minds and all that!

    Those photos of lili’s rock, as does that Periodic Table poster… :) :)


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