Red Links 24/03/09

Dougal, do not press the red button. Via Suzy.

Cedar’s WorldbyStorm dissects The Ideas Campaign.

Three Sky salesbots in an evening? Redmum is Job.

How is the tech divide so deep and far? BT is rolling out superfast Fiber promising speeds of 40-60Mbps in Belfast.

You can now preview Youtube videos right from your Gmail inbox.

How Britney is following Joyce’s lead.

A billionaire on paper. Sexy business never sees consumerist realities.

Your peers know you better than you do.

The new Acura RDX ad. Revolving matte artwork ftw!

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    […] Later the world of social media introduced me to Ellybabes, the first person I met at the first Irish Barcamp in Cork. To the coding evangelist (which might actually be part of her job title) that is Martha Rotter. To first Irish podcaster of either sex I met, and business guru Krishna De. To the promotional expert what is Maryrose Lyons. And to the best, and probably most fun, web designer that is Sabrina Dent. To women who actually get thing done, like Laura Czajkowski and Alexia Golez. […]

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