The New Twitter UI

Flashed up this evening for me. Look integrated search and trending terms. There goes the mosaic (well, it’s hidden)!

Let’s think before changing Irish legislation on blasphemy

Just want to point you to a nice post by Charles on proposed changes to Irish legislation on blasphemy. Snips… I’ve been looking forward to this bill for quite some time as it was suggested that it would incorporate both libel and slander into one offence of disseminating defamatory information but now it seems to […]

Nina Simone ‘I Loves You Porgy’

Red Links 29/04/09

The Youth Discussion forum is live. Check it out. The last Ziegfield Girl. NYT loginwall, you suck! The New Yorker reviews the Youtube Symphony. * replaces* Moot is Time’s world’s most influencial person. Via Jack. Jonathan asks has Facebook’s gamble on freeing status messages for developers to consume going too far? Cornell researchers analyse 35m […]

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