Let’s think before changing Irish legislation on blasphemy

Just want to point you to a nice post by Charles on proposed changes to Irish legislation on blasphemy. Snips…

I’ve been looking forward to this bill for quite some time as it was suggested that it would incorporate both libel and slander into one offence of disseminating defamatory information but now it seems to be turning into a vehicle for the ignorant to air their grievances. I’m not one to use the gay card but from a man that has labelled homosexuality as an abnormality and who is part of a government that continues to drag their heals over civil union legislation, it’s hard to come to any other conclusion. If this were allow to pass as it is suggested, it would grant the courts a large scope to deem what is and what is not acceptable to say from the perspective of those that are inherently religious; the non-religious and those philosophically opposed to particular religious teachings or simply those opinions opined by even the most fanatical, would do so under the constant threat of prosecution and undoubtedly, the gays would be top of the list along with other “moral reprehensible groups”.

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  1. @Bernie: I haven’t quite decided yet whether this proposal is Ahern losing his marbles and pandering to the most base Catholic fundamentalist constituency, or distracxtion politics at its finest.
    Either way though, his efforts in tackling “gangland” aren;t particularly inspiring either. Expect widening surveillance powers to Gardaí, with inadequate independent judicial supervision, increased powers of arrest and detention after each atrocity, anything but what the force actually needs, the budget resources to enforce existing laws effectively.

    @Alexia: Do you have an URL to Dermot’s Iris moment?

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