Red Links 27/04/09

Voted in the IIA’s Net Visionaries yet? You have until Friday. Bernie reflects on Krugman. Signing of startups. Beware of the brownouts. We’ll more and more. Heart-attacklicious. Emily Blunt spread in Vanity Fair. The Decemberists ‘Isn’t a Lovely Night?’

Your Red Links

So my Reds went to Marbella last week. They’ve come back and looking for direction. Over the past couple of months, the Reds seemed to have crossed from mainly tech and newsy finds, to design bits or just coolspotting. What are your favourite subjects? Actually, what are your shiny things? What cool links have you […]

On being infatuated with words

So, Lily has moved house tagged me into reflections of a blogger. Rarely do I meme but… Reflections of a blogger? To me the blogging is a textual voice. In the end, we’re sharing ideas, opinions and little glimmers of memories. Words, their mode of their transmission, are the important things one ought to treasure. […]

Jim Corr and the Engineered Financial Collapse

So Jim Corr was back on the The Last Word yesterday. Lots of conspiracy theories. IMF. Federal reserve. A world government. We’re talking about an engineered financial collapse, campers. Grab the MP3. Thanks to Cian and the The Last Word team for cutting and sharing it.

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