The day is oh so pretty

Finding it hard to focus as it’s oh so sunny outside.

Bell Orchestre “Recording a Tape (Typewriter Duet)”

Red Links 28/05/09

Public interview with Shane Black and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang screening. Gourmet site has Lindt prizes for your 50s. Via James, how to make window boxes out of election posters. T writes a yuppie essay. Kid has talent. Hope he remembers us after he sells 1m books. Love the work of Beniot P. Scary […]

A Proposal for CampCamp

Been thinking lately of organising a CampCamp. A CampCamp could have talks on load of different things, its mission statement, like Alien, is propagate more camps. A CampCamp might have talks on: Ways to abuse Social Media How to talk to the Yoof like they are “You People” How to use Moodle/Django/Ruby on Rails/… How […]

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