A Proposal for CampCamp

Been thinking lately of organising a CampCamp. A CampCamp could have talks on load of different things, its mission statement, like Alien, is propagate more camps.

A CampCamp might have talks on:

  • Ways to abuse Social Media
  • How to talk to the Yoof like they are “You People”
  • How to use Moodle/Django/Ruby on Rails/…
  • How to organise camps
  • Best way to coordinate Post-It colours
  • How to attract the same old faces
  • How to use jargon and busy status updates to confuse the masses

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  1. Just came back from a Rails Camp in the Gold Coast of Oz earlier this month. Besides being a slice of awesome, having some of the best programmers in the world, a bit of werewolf and lots of Jack Daniels, I ended up doing very little rails and mastered emacs instead. Was such good fun though would love to see something like that happen in Ireland…

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